RESIDENCY CARD  TITRE DE SEJOUR « accord de retrait du Royaume-Uni de l’UE »





Residency cards were not compulsory  for British people living in France when they were EU citizens. Due to Brexit, they will have to obtain residency cards to stay ou to come after the Brexit.

You will need to apply as individuals, not for your children under 18s.



You keep your rights until 31 th decvember 2020 and you have to obtain your card Before 1rst July 2021.

It be possible to put in  an application from July 2020., whether Brexit is done with deal  or without deal.



People who have  in France five years’ residency and people who are currentlty  accruing the five years’.


If you immigrate to France, with no intention of returning to the U.K., you would from a general law point of view, lose your British domicile, which may (depending on its drafting) invalidate an existing English will, and thought may need to be given to drawing up new French wills to cater to your personal wishes, particularly since failing any such French will, the compulsory provisions of the Civil Code would apply to the whole of your estate on death, and this would not necessarily comply with your wishes and would almost certainly be disadvantageous to your surviving spouse. It might well even be the case that the compulsory provisions of French law would in any event apply to part of your estate, whatever testamentary provisions you make, and the implications of these provisions must be studied carefully in each case.


We shall be pleased to advise and assist for your application or/and for drafting a new will,  do not hesitate to contact us.