You are involved in a family dispute


– You are separating as an unmarried couple and want to know what the implications are for your children and your finances,

– You are in a civil partnership and need advice on estate planning,
– You have received notice to attend a family mediation meeting or you want to organise one,
– You have received a divorce petition or wish to leave the matrimonial home and commence divorce proceedings,
– You need the court to re-assess your children’s maintenance,
– You wish to adopt your spouse’s children,
– Your concubine is threatening to leave the family home with the children,
– You are a victim of physical or mental cruelty,

In all these difficult situations and others involving your couple or family, we have the time and knowledge to evaluate your position, answer your questions and as necessary assist you in the family court.

We appear in all the courts in Boulogne sur mer and the Côte d’Opale, but also throughout France.

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